Update on Health Post in Quishuar, August 2011

Our new health post worker, Kathy, has proved to be a great asset and is very popular. LED arranged for a senior health care worker to join her in Quishaur for the month of September to provide her with additional health training. Since the health post opened in 2009, I have noticed an improvement in overall basic health, particularly pre- and post-natal health, and fewer gastric problems in young children. This is due to better health awareness and the availability of medication to address issues sooner.

Kathy has been very pro-active in educating the villagers about basic health and hygiene. 2011 saw approximately 2000 patients with conditions ranging from gastric infections to heart conditions and broken bones that required treatment and evacuation. Patients are coming from six different villages, up to 4 hours walking distance.

We brought electric wiring, provided by LED, to the health post this summer in anticipation of electricity coming to the village in 2012. We hope to be able to buy ultrasound equipment and electrical sterilization equipment in 2012.

If there are any doctors, nurses or dentists interested in volunteering their time at the health post, please contact us.

Contributed by Val Pitkethly