Quishuar and Jancopampa, Peru, July 2011

LED organized a trip for Dave and Peggy, teachers from United States, to spend a week in Quishaur at the teaching school, helping with basic repairs at the health post and showing the students how to read a map. On their final day they held an orienteering competition which was throughly enjoyed by all the village.

We then arrived with a group from the Fulford School from the UK. There were 14 students, ages 16 to 18, and 3 staff, along with the usual complement of Bedon family members. We trekked into Quishuar where the students helped with the distribution of school supplies and 1200 toothbrushes to several villages in the area, including Jancopampa. The Fulford students particularly enjoyed trekking to some of the more remote villages. They also educated the local school children on brushing their teeth and washing their hands. The UK students had made posters about dental hygiene and basic health.

Special thanks to the East Farley School in Kent, UK, for raising funds and donating the toothbrushes and football strips (ie, jerseys). Several football matches were enjoyed by students from both countries. The students made a great effort to blend in with the local culture by wearing local costume and were soon adept at the dancing steps, joining in with great enthusiasm with the local bands that are always part of the celebrations.

The Fulford students also helped with painting and decorating at the Quishaur health post, and distribution of solar lights to several villages in the area. Special thanks again to Juniper Trust for their donation towards the solar lights.

I would like to say special thanks to the Fulford school, students, and in particular, Dan Bodey, the deputy headmaster of Fulford, for a superb trip. All the Quishaur villagers are looking forward to your return.

Contributed by Val Pitkethly