Nepal Earthquake – Two Weeks On

We’ve had a wonderful response to our request for donations – funds raised through JustGiving have topped £10,000, and on Thursday (07 May) the first shipment – 1.5 tonnes of donated tents, sleeping bags and supplies – landed in Kathmandu, flown out by the Gurkha regiment in York and collected with fabulous support from Fulford School.

This weekend (09 & 10 May) Val and the volunteers have been back at Eden Arts, Penrith, packing up our second shipment of 5 tonnes, mainly tents and sleeping bags which are still so badly needed on the ground in Nepal. Stobarts are transporting our gear from Penrith to Heathrow, and it’s flying out to Kathmandu with Turkish Airlines tomorrow.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped by donating gear, funds, transport and time. We couldn’t have done this without you.

We’re now working out our next shipment, but until that’s sorted please hold off with further donations of kit. We’ll keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter.

The groups we’re working with within Nepal have told us that, based on the lists of sizes and numbers of tents and tarpaulins we are sending, they think that they will be able to house about 3000 people and the large mess tents will be used as medical posts and community kitchens – similar to what you see here.

PHASE, Lakpa Doma, Pemba Sherpa and BELIEVERS have already distributed our stock of lights in the Kathmandu Valley and Gorkha. LED’s solar-powered lights distributed before the earthquake are now even more highly valued.

Nepal still needs our help. Many homes have been destroyed, and the monsoon rains arrive this month. Shelter is crucial. We receive daily pleas for tents and tarpaulins from our friends in Nepal, and the rain has already started.

Donate here to support LED’s response to the earthquake in Nepal.

Donations large and small will allow us to make a difference on the ground. Please give what you can – LED is run entirely by volunteers, so every penny you donate will help us to help Nepal, now and in the longer term.

We’ll keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter.