LED Update – December 2011


In the spring of 2011 solar lights were delivered to Dolakha district and also medical supplies were given to Samagaon Samdo and the Tsum valley.

In the autumn of 2011 school supplies were delivered to Samagaon Samdo along with some books. Then solar lights were taken to Sebugaon, Gum Gaon, Tong Gompa and Huyanya Gompa. Some individuals who live by themselves and villagers who live above Tong Gompa received lights. These villages are very hard to reach and the bridge crossings proved to be very interesting!

More books and 10 solar lights were donated to Samagaoan school hostel. We received the following message from the headmaster, Phurba.

Hello HAPPY NEW YEAR. and i hope you are injoing New year in your home town.We are in Kathmandu. And hopfully will stay here about a month.And very very thank you for your portable solar system to my school. That is working very well. Good bye . phurbu.

Requests were received for help to build a library for the school with books in Tibetan Nepali and English along with help with pens pencils text books and writing books. Hopefully we will be able to assist with this during 2012.


More lights were delivered to villages in the Cordillera Blanca and now over 400 homes have solar lights in the region. Lots of help was provided by Fulford  School.

School supplies delivered along with solar lights to many villagers in the Cordillera Blanca near Quisaur.  Again, lots of help was provided by Fulford School. You can read more about how the students helped LED in Peru in the next section.

Peggy Brosnan and Dave Linthicum also spent a week working at Quisuar School and teaching.

1200 tooth brushes kindly donated by East Farleigh Primary school have been given out to 5 primary level schools so that the kids will be able to do teeth brushing everyday at school. A big programme, and Fulford School students did an amazing job of making laminated pictures showing how to clean teeth and wash hands and then spent 5 days in the village helping show the kids how to use the tooth brushes, as well as delivering lights, handing out school supplies and repainting the health post. Exceptional students.

The health post in Quisuar is now wired for electricity which hopefully will arrive this next summer and also new concrete steps have been built and a new retaining wall has been created behind the post.  Cathy, our new health worker is excellent and an extra trainer spent time there in September teaching health hygiene for local mums and kids and some pre natal training for Cathy.

Looking ahead

For 2012 we are planning to support the following projects.

In Nepal we would like to develop the library for Samagaon School and provide school supplies and solar lights for 3 villages in the Manalsu and Tsum area.  Hopefully we will also be abe to help a Dalit village in the Solu district. Additionally we would like to provide some lights for yak herders in the Khumbu Rowaling area who live full time out of the village, except perhaps for one month per year, the average altitude is 4400m.

In Peru we would like to provide solar lights for the Quitaracsa village. This village is approximately 4 days from nearest road. Once again we are hoping to provide school supplies again for 7 schools, and sustain our training programme at the health post in Quisaur.  If funds allow we would like to run a mobile medical clinic in the Cordillera Blanca area.

Contributed by Val Pitkethly