Nepal: Health Post Plans

In Val’s Spring Update, you will have seen that we are going to be working with the Nepal Youth Foundation to build a LED health post in Gorkha or Sundalpulchok, funded by Faith Harckham and friends.

In April, Val went with the Nepal Youth Foundation to visit schools in the Sundalpulchok area and to see some of the buildings provided by the Nepal Youth Foundation.

The buildings have concrete fibre walls and then either brick or stone and a metal roof plus steel structures, all bolted to allow movement in tremors (unlike welded pieces). We’ll be using a similar design for the health post.

Big thanks to Lalit from NYF for his immense time and effort on the site visits, and to Riswor and Anjita at the NYF main office in Kathmandu for helping coordinate arrangements and for information on the building design and materials.

Val says “The local staff working with NYF are all so friendly and helpful and a true delight to see in action”.

Here are some photos from Val’s visit:


Nepal: May 2016 Report

Val’s just back from her Spring season in Nepal, which included a 3 week trek through Solukhumbu checking/distributing solar lights, and it’s been a busy time on all LED fronts, 12 months on from the earthquake(s).

Since the earthquake, we’ve:

  • Provided 2000 homes with solar lights
  • Delivered 120 tarps, and all tents sent out from UK are still in use in Gorkha and Sundalpulchok areas, along with all the sleeping bags and blankets sent out with the Believers group, other local organisations that we’ve worked with and Sirdar Chhiring
  • Contributed funds to help with Thame school and Thame health post (Khumbu district)
  • Sent money to help with rebuilding of homes in Dolakha, Nuwakot and Solu districts

Val says, “I need to pass on the massive number of thank you I get, constantly, from everyone in Nepal for all the help provided after the earthquakes.  With frequent tremors occurring, people are still sleeping outside, too frightened to spend the night in their houses.”


  • 123 solar lights were distributed in the Solu / PK area and to yak herders in isolated Khumbu valleys.
  • 120 lights distributed in Dolpo – a sterling effort by Chhiring.
  • 65 lights distributed in Tsum.
  • Where possible existing lights in these areas were checked and repaired/replaced.


School supplies have been sent for Manaslu area (Samdu and Samagaon schools)

With many thanks to Faith Harckham, Anthony, Donna and their friends in Canada, we are rebuilding a school in Gorkha district.

Still in the planning stages, we are hoping that we can do something with earthbag rebuilders for a school in Sundalpulchok – one of the hardest hit areas.

The temporary schools in Nuwakot are still running and were resupplied in April – with many thanks to Phillips Wilson and friends.

Thanks to Ersnt, Al, Sarah and Trevor (again) for their superb help with rebuilding the school hostel in Junbesi – we visited it on the April/May trek and it is looking superb.

Many thanks to Tenzing Lamo and Gelek Rapten for their help and advice and assistance with delivery of school supplies and building materials, and to Gelek for his help in organising the Junbesi hostel project and the on going work there.

Development / Health

Working with Nepal Youth Foundation, we are going to be building a health post in Gorkha. More to follow.

Thank you ….

… to everyone who has donated, helped out with relief and awareness raising and practical support for Val.

A few specific big thank yous go to:

  • Lakpa, Doma, Mingmi, Tenzi, Sonam and all at KK treks for their help this last year wth the distribution and organising of relief materials.
  • Emma Lock from Juniper and the friends and folks who helped with the packing of all the gear sent out via the Gurkha Regiment (York) and Turkish Airlines plus especially Ann Brooks and John Walton, Liam and Sue O’Hallaoran and Dave Greening.
  • Geoff Knight and all his friends and team at HSBC and nephew Codey for his school talks raising awareness about Nepal, the earthquakes and the relief needed.


Taken on the LED trek in SoluKhumbu in April/May 2016

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Easy Fundraising for LED

LED has registered with, which provides an easy way for you to raise money for us as you shop online.

logowallYou don’t pay anything extra, and almost 3000 online retailers are signed up, including Amazon, eBay, Argos, John Lewis and many other familiar high street names and supermarket chains. You can read more about easyfundraising on their website.

When you use Google, you’ll notice that some retailers have the easyfundraising icon next to their listing. This means they are offering a donation when you shop online with them.

Here’s how you can use  to raise money for LED

The first thing to do is register on Click on “create an account”, then “I want to support a good cause” and type “Light Education Development” in the box – or use this quicklink – and fill out the form to create your account.

If you are a UK taxpayer, once you’ve created your account please click “Yes” in the gift aid box.

You are now ready to raise money for LED whenever you shop online from one of the participating retailers. Here’s how that works:

1. Start at Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to, you go to first – or you can add the easyfundraising Donation Reminder to your browser (read on for details).

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You can skip steps 1 and 2 by adding the easyfundraising Donation Reminder into your browser. Then, when you go on a participating website to buy something you’ll be prompted to click on the easyfundraising “activate donation” button, and we’ll receive the donation from the purchases you make. (Note that this doesn’t work for Amazon and eBay – you need to go via the easyfundraising website.)

You can also download the easyfundraising app for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Nepal Update: September 2015 Report

At September’s LED Trustees meeting, Val provided her report on this year’s activities in Nepal so far, and plans for the current season.

Our focus has been on providing practical relief following the April 25 earthquake and its aftershocks:

  • Distribution of over 5 tonnes of donated items collected in Penrith in April / May.  The tents were distributed in Dolakha (west of Khumbu, one of the areas badly affected by the May earthquake), Gorkha and Nuwakot (60 km from Kathmandu, where nearly all buildings were flattened by the April earthquake) providing short term housing / shelter for 3500 people.
  • Building temporary shelters in Dolakha and Nuwakot .
  • Shelter sheets to house school children in Nuwakot district – resulting in 1500 kids being in school throughout this year’s monsoon.
  • Support for Dr Karmi Temba’s rebuilding work in Thame, the worst affected village in Khumbu, where he led the rebuilding the health clinic and helped to reestablish school. The big marquee tents which we received as donations meant that the children of Thame have been in school all monsoon.
  • Weekly meals for displaced Gorkha families in Pokhara
  • 600+ solar lights distributed – primarily in Solu and Gorkha areas (before and after the earthquake)
  • Training for 2 Nepali volunteers on earthbag building.

Big thanks go to Val’s friends in Nepal who’ve been our operators on the ground:

  • Gelek Rapten and Tenzing Lamo – organising the building of the school shelters in Nuwakot
  • Tenzing and Tsten – for the weekly meals to the Gorkha families in Pokhara
  • Tsering Sherpa – for all his help in Dolakha
  • Krishna Cook – for all his help in Nuwakot
  • Dr Karmi Temba – for all his work in Thame

and to everyone who gave time, money, things and support in the UK and Canada in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes.

Facebook proved essential for sharing updates on progress on a day to day basis, and photos from LED activities in Penrith and Nepal. Here are some of them:

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Plans and projects

Val returned to Nepal in early October, and is currently visiting Thame and Khunde in the Khumbu region to see how things are in the ground. She’ll then be running her first set of treks in the region since the earthquake.  Access to Manaslu and Tsum, close to the epicentre of April’s earthquake, remains difficult. One of Val’s priorities is to find out more about the current status of logistics and infrastructure in the area.

Our plans for the coming 6 months are:

  • To help with rebuilding in the Gorkha district, focusing on the Tsum valley, and using earthbag building and the two Nepalis we’re had trained in this technique.
  • To help with rebuilding Junbesi school. Four Canadian volunteers will be spending a month in Junbesi (Solu district, on the old Everest walk in) rebuilding part of the village school and the hostels that house the school children and teachers. Gelek Rapten, together with the Edmund Hillary Trust and UK volunteers, visited Junbesi at the end of September to assess the situation on the ground and what’s required.
  • To continue to provide and to distribute solar lights and school supplies:
  • Solar lighting engineer, Anthony, has sent 400 lights more for Val to distribute this season, to which we are able to add the lights we assemble in Nepal
  • In November, Val will lead a private trek to distribute 300 solar lights and school supplies in the Solu district.
  • In Manaslu, we will:
    • provide the annual school supplies for Samagaun and Samdo schools, and lights. Our plan to do this distribution in December.
    • rebuild Samagaun school
  • We are also exploring the possibility of building, staffing and supplying a health clinic in Tsum valley.

We’ll report back in December.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who is fundraising for us, and for Nepal – follow us on Facebook and Twitter for details and updates.