LED Projects 2021 – The Year So Far

Having held our 2021 Fundraising Event recently, we thought it would be a good time to provide a round up of the projects LED has funded and delivered so far this year.

In Peru

  • Continued to keep Quisuar health post open and stocked with the help of our nurse, and provided transport of all medicines to the area 

In Nepal

  • Funded food distribution in Tilje and communities on west of Manaslu area with the help of Somi Gurung
  • Food distribution with the help of Tsering Darkya in Samdo 
  • Food and medical supplies to Langtang and Rasuwa Solu with the help of The Partners Nepal 
  • Food distribution in various villages of Rasuwa with the help of Bhudi Tamang 
  • Food distribution with the help of Dr Kami Temba and Yangji Sherpa in Khumbu 
  • Tree project reforestation in Langtang area through Ang Rita of The Partners Nepal 
  • Continued help with Bung old people’s home
  • Completed the solar light distribution project for Tsum and Manaslu area funded by the donation from The Derek Moore Foundation with help from Tsering Darkya, Ang Chhering Sherpa and Bhudi Tamang 
  • Delivered medical supplies for health posts and completed a much needed health survey in cognitive development of children in areas of food shortages for a medical project in Tsum and Manaslu area, again with help from Tsering Darkya, Ang Chhering Sherpa and Bhudi Tamang 
  • Follow up food distribution in Rasuwa 
  • Help for communication / online classes in Khumbu area enabling school students to continue their education during COVID
  • Medical supplies to health posts in Khumbu area via Himalayan Trust 
  • Thame teacher funding, with Dr Kami kindly organising this for us 

Thank yous

A huge thank you to Melky and Antonia Bedon in Peru for their unstinting help and support in getting all supplies to Quisuar for its continued running and for overseeing all issues with the health post.

A massive thanks to all helpers in Nepal and especially to Tenzing in Pokhara for unfailing organisation and help to get the funds once in Nepal to the right people and places for all of the projects to work.

Special thank yous to Bhudi, Ang Chhering, Tsering Darkya, Dr Kami, Yangji Sherpa and Ang Rita Sherpa.

And to everyone who helps with their very generous support, Thank you – Tuche – Gracias