Easy Fundraising for LED

LED has registered with easyfundraising.org.uk, which provides an easy way for you to raise money for us as you shop online.

logowallYou don’t pay anything extra, and almost 3000 online retailers are signed up, including Amazon, eBay, Argos, John Lewis and many other familiar high street names and supermarket chains. You can read more about easyfundraising on their website.

When you use Google, you’ll notice that some retailers have the easyfundraising icon next to their listing. This means they are offering a donation when you shop online with them.

Here’s how you can use easyfundraising.org.uk  to raise money for LED

The first thing to do is register on easyfundraising.org.uk. Click on “create an account”, then “I want to support a good cause” and type “Light Education Development” in the box – or use this quicklink – and fill out the form to create your account.

If you are a UK taxpayer, once you’ve created your account please click “Yes” in the gift aid box.

You are now ready to raise money for LED whenever you shop online from one of the participating retailers. Here’s how that works:

1. Start at easyfundraising.org.uk: Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to johnlewis.com, you go to easyfundraising.org.uk first – or you can add the easyfundraising Donation Reminder to your browser (read on for details).

2. Make a purchase: You click from the easyfundraising website through to the John Lewis website to make your purchase. That’s it! The price of the shoes is exactly the same as if you’d visited John Lewis directly.

3. We get a donation: After you have bought your shoes, John Lewis will make a donation to LED as a thank you for shopping with them. easyfundraising collect these donations for us, and it costs nothing.

You can skip steps 1 and 2 by adding the easyfundraising Donation Reminder into your browser. Then, when you go on a participating website to buy something you’ll be prompted to click on the easyfundraising “activate donation” button, and we’ll receive the donation from the purchases you make. (Note that this doesn’t work for Amazon and eBay – you need to go via the easyfundraising website.)

You can also download the easyfundraising app for iPhone, iPad and Android.



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